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Charlotte Hornets vs Detroit Pistons gamethread

Important game blah blah we've heard it all before.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Charlotte Hornets will be taking on the Detroit Pistons in *gasp* an important game! Here's some words and stuff about how important this game is that nobody will care about, because at this point everybody understands the season is dead despite being mathematically alive.

Okay so maybe the Hornets aren't all the way dead, but the're certainly zombies at this point. There's no reason to think they can, or should, make the playoffs outside the East being so bad they could get in if everybody else falls apart. Which....with the east is completely believable.

Injury news! Cody Zeller is out once again after all the hope fans had of his return for Monday's game against Boston. This shoulder injury is clearly worse than we thought. Meanwhile, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is out once again and there are no reports on his return. The Hornets record without MKG this season is abysmal.

Also, if the Hornets lose tonight then just shut down Big Al for the year. This season isn't worth this.

So yay lets go watch a game everybody is expecting to lose that the Hornets need to win. Maybe Charlotte will pull an April Fool on us and look like a good team tonight.