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Charlotte Hornets eliminated from 2015 NBA Playoffs

The Hornets are officially eliminated from the NBA playoffs.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

This will be the final standings update, as the Charlotte Hornets were officially eliminated from the playoffs tonight. The Hornets already needed a lot of help tonight if they were going to remain in the playoff picture, but rather than add any drama, they took care of business themselves and made sure they were eliminated.

If Charlotte was going to stay alive tonight, not only did they need to defeat the Atlanta Hawks, but they also needed the Indiana Pacers, and Boston Celtics to both lose their games tonight. That's a lot to ask for, and it's just further proof that this Hornets team just wasn't good enough to make the playoffs. The injuries certainly didn't help, but they had put themselves in pretty bad position before the injuries occurred. All season it felt like Charlotte was battling themselves more so than their opponents, and even when they had full control of their playoff destiny, they couldn't handle it. Now, we wait for the season to finish out and look towards next year.

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