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Charlotte Hornets vs Houston Rockets preview

The Hornets' season may be over, but there are still some games to be played.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

When: 7 p.m.

Where: Charlotte, NC

How: FOX Sportsouth

The Charlotte Hornets' season may be over — at least in terms of fighting for a seed in the playoffs — but there are still a couple of basketball games to be played, including tonight's matchup against the Houston Rockets.

The Hornets will lose tonight. I promise you that. But that doesn't mean tonight's game isn't worth watching. And I'll tell you why.

23, 21, 29.

Those numbers represent how many minutes rookie Noah Vonleh has played in each of the Hornets last three games. Vonleh's shown a massive leap in his development between his garbage minutes early in the season and now. And it's very likely he'll see over 20 minutes again tonight.

We're also going to see extended minutes from Bismack Biyombo, one of this season's most improved players for the Hornets. He'll likely dominate against Joey Dorsey or whatever player the Rockets send at him.

And finally, the most interesting matchup of the night: Gerald Henderson against James Harden. Harden is unquestionably the better player by a large margin, but Henderson has a knack for turning in fantastic defensive performances against the league's best shooting guards. While it's unlikely Henderson puts up big numbers against the Rockets, it will be interesting to see how he handles one of the NBA's top runners for MVP.

So why is this game worth watching?

Because for fans that desperately wanted to see the Hornets give minutes to their young players and play quickly, tonight's game will appease them. I'd recommend tuning in.