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Hive Talk Live coming to At The Hive in June

After covering the Bobcats/Hornets for two seasons, the live broadcasted podcast Hive Talk Live is coming to At The Hive this June. Hosted by Doug Branson and David Walker, Hive Talk Live is 30+ minutes of the best Hornets talk...anywhere.

It’s Hornets talk for the hardcore fan: it’s Hive Talk Live. I introduced that phrase to begin and end our shows this past season and a lot of thought went into it.

When I began to put this show together more than two years ago, in a spare bedroom in Nashville, TN, I had a lot of discussions with future contributors and co-hosts Peter Haley and Spencer Percy about what kind of show they would want to hear and what kind of show I wanted to hear. I landed on several principles that still drive what we do today in our Charlotte studio.

1. In-depth commentary that isn’t afraid to delve into analytics.

The whole idea behind doing this show was to give the Hornets the time and analysis that fans deserve. With sports radio you may get a few minutes of Hornets talk sandwiched in between five minutes of Panthers talk, five minutes of college football talk and 7 minutes of commercials. With Hive Talk Live, we’ll spend five minutes analyzing MKG’s jumpshot technique, sandwiched in between five minutes of Kemba’s shot selection and 7 minutes of Coach Clifford’s lineup selections.

2. Call it like it is, but don’t be afraid to be a fan

I have a traditional news background so I understand the fight against bias, being unafraid to critique and reporting the facts. But at the same time, I’ve never understood how or why one would want to write or talk about a team for years on end….and not admit to themselves that they wanted said team to succeed. David and I are fans of the Charlotte Hornets. We have been since we were young tykes. We’re not afraid to cheer when they do something well, and we’re not afraid to criticize players, coaches, front office members when we feel they’ve made a mistake.

3. Get the listeners involved

We read your tweets, your comments and we’ll respond. Our show is live and that’s what makes it fun for us and fun for those listening. Our show goes as you do. If you want to talk about something we’re not afraid to shift gears and talk about what you want to hear.

When we started doing this we knew it wouldn’t be for everybody. Those that listen and love Hive Talk Live are part of an elite group of Hornets fans who live and breathe Charlotte professional basketball. Our sound quality matches traditional sports radio, but our attitude couldn’t be more different. We hope you join the club this June.

A Welcome Message From Doug and David