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QUICKCAP: Charlotte Hornets defeat Philadelphia 76ers 92-91

They needed some late game heroics, but the Hornets defeated a feisty Sixers team tonight.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets got a much needed win against a not very good Philadelphia 76ers team tonight, but at this point of the season a win is a win. It wasn't pretty, nor was it dominant, and it certainly wasn't their best performance, but the results sometimes outweigh the method, and tonight that was one of those cases.

The Hornets struggled on offense all night long, and even though Charlotte has one of the NBA's worst offenses, a lot of those struggles have to credited to the Sixers. Philadelphia is one of the better defensive teams in the NBA, and they showed that tonight when they didn't allow any volume shooters, except for Kemba Walker, to shoot over fifty percent from the field.

Walker was the only player that really had any efficiency on the offensive end. He scored 24 points, and shot 52% from the field. Yes, it took him 21 shots to get those 24 points, but that's a minor gripe in what was for the most part a good offensive performance.

The next top scorer for Charlotte was Mo Williams, who had 18 points, but it took him 17 attempts to get his points, and Philadelphia did a fantastic job of not letting him get easy looks all night. In fact, the majority of the game for Charlotte was filled with contested shots. Even though this is expected, because the Hornets have a horrible offense, Philadelphia deserves credit where credit is due.

Despite all of Charlotte's offensive struggles, they had one saving grace, the team they were playing is one of the only teams in the NBA that's worse on offense than they are this season. As a result, Philadelphia was never able to pull away from Charlotte, and they had to rely on their defense to win the game for them.

While the defense did hold for most of the closing moments, Philadelphia's defense wasn't able to get the stop they needed the most. The shot that won the game.