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Charlotte Hornets tied for 10th in playoff standings

The Hornets are all but dead, but tonight's win put them in a tie for 10th.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

With tonight's dramatic victory over the Philadelphia 76ers, the Charlotte Hornets have moved themselves back into a tie for 10th spot in the Eastern conference with the Indiana Pacers. They sit one game behind the Miami Heat in 9th, 1.5 games behind the Boston Celtics in 8th, and two games behind.........THE BROOKLYN NETS IN 7TH.

We'll get to the Hornets in a second, but the NETS ARE IN 7TH PLACE RIGHT NOW. The same Brooklyn Nets team that everybody had dead in February, for good reason mind you, because they were playing atrocious basketball. Now, after a night where they lost to the Atlanta Hawks by 32 points, the Nets sit in 7th place all by themselves. What have you done Eastern conference? What have you done?

As for the Hornets, every time they look dead, the Eastern Conference manages to prove how bad it really is by keeping Charlotte alive. One and a half games is definitely watchable, even for a team as bad and injured as the Hornets. Now do they actually catch it? That's unlikely, because of the injuries, but they this conference makes no sense so maybe they earn the right to have their B-Squad get smoked by Atlanta in round 1.