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Hornets remain in the 11th spot in the Eastern Conference standings

After the loss to the Heat, the Hornets are two games back behind the eighth place Boston Celtics.

You make the playoffs... and You make the playoffs...
You make the playoffs... and You make the playoffs...
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Hornets had a chance to jump the Indiana Pacers in the standings tonight with a win in Miami, however they fell short and remain in eleventh place. With the loss, they are a full two games out of the playoffs behind the Boston Celtics.


If the Celtics can remain in eighth, the Hornets can potentially have the tiebreaker over them, as they split the season series 2-2. The next tiebreaker goes to conference record, where Charlotte is currently 25-23 and Boston is just 23-24.

If you're curious how the Hornets lost the game in Miami, check out the quickcap.

Tonight is a rarity this late in the season, as none of the other Eastern Conference teams competing for a playoff spot are in action. After tonight, the Hornets have five games left in the season and per the Fox Sports South broadcast, the team no longer controls its playoff destiny. In order to make it, it's likely the Hornets need to win at least four of the next five games, which will be difficult considering the competition (Detroit Pistons, Toronto Raptors twice, Atlanta Hawks, and Houston Rockets).

Here's to hoping for the Hornets, but worst comes to worst, the team will have at worst the tenth pick in the draft if the season ended today.