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If the Hornets played on Christmas, this is what they would wear

The best part: no sleeves!

Paul Lukas

NBA fans got a Christmas in May surprise today when Paul Lukas, better known as the genius behind Uni Watch, released the uniforms designs for next year's Christmas jerseys. Almost every team was included (save for those who are releasing new uniforms in the every near future. Looking at you Raptors, Bucks and 76ers) and the best part — there are no sleeves! Maybe the NBA has finally learned that nobody liked sleeved jerseys. Maybe.

Anyway, you can take a look at all the designs here, but we know there's only one you really care about. Here's what the Hornets would wear if they were to play on Christmas Day.

Not a huge change from the original jersey, apart from a font change and a more yellowish color (Lukas calls it cream, so let's roll with that) as opposed to the white, but it looks nice. It's good to see they are keeping the little designs that make the Hornets' jerseys their jerseys. It definitely gets my...

I'll see myself out now.