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Charlotte Hornets top five links of the week (May 15): Draft and offseason plans

R.I.P., Rufus. At least we still have Lynx.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another Friday edition of the top Charlotte Hornets links from around the web. This week, we have a bunch of stuff on the upcoming NBA Draft (we'll start covering the draft in a week or two) and offseason development. Let's get to it.

First up, Rick Bonnell compiled some highlights from the draft combine, which was yesterday in Chicago. The first three-quarters of the piece focus on Tyus Jones of Duke, but there are some interesting tidbits toward the bottom about who the Hornets are looking at. Stanley Johnson, anyone?

Next, we're hearing that Lance Stephenson, the man of no jump shot, is in fact working on his jump shot. posted their season review for Stephenson, which includes a quote about his desire to improve his jumper. An improved jumper would go a long way for Stephenson, who can easily get around opposing players and often finds himself open beyond the arc. If he can convert? Oh boy.

Gerald Henderson graduated from Duke this week. Henderson's been working hard the last few years to balance school with his NBA career, and it's nice to see him finally cash in on all his hard work.

Our friends at Swarm and Sting have mulled over how the NBA can fix the tanking problem that plagues its lottery teams, and how that could potentially benefit the Hornets. A stock market-style system could work. What does that mean, exactly? Read the piece and find out.

And finally, Hoops Habit wrote a piece suggesting the Hornets should retool, not rebuild. The Hornets have a ton of young players, most of whom do not have established roles. Veterans aside, this squad could be absolutely anything depending on what players the team picks up and what systems it rolls out. This is probably my favorite read of the week.

What did you read this week?