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Game 4: Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors open thread

Will we be seeing the end of the Houston Rockets tonight? Probably.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight we have ourselves what may be the very end of the Houston Rockets. With how dominant the Golden State Warriors have been, all season, is there any reason for us to believe that they won't close it out tonight and get some much wanted rest?

Last night, the Atlanta Hawks tried to avoid going into a 3-0 hole themselves against the Cleveland Cavaliers. They threw everything and the kitchen sink at LeBron James, but the greatest player in the NBA would not be denied as he toughed his way to a huge victory over the Hawks. Of course, a game as big as this needed some controversy, and Cleveland guard Matthew Deleveodva provided that in spades when he once again found himself bumping into an opponents legs. This time it was Al Horford he found himself bumping into, and Horford decided to respond with an elbow above the shoulder. Automatic ejection, and a national conversation was sparked!

Now for tonight's game. The Warriors are clearly going to be looking to shut things down with a big performance from Steph Curry, but it's not like the Rockets are doomed considering they have James Harden. The first two games of the series were both close, and the third was a surprising blowout. There were a lot of questions out there about Houston's effort, and they can't let something like that happen again. Even when down 3-0, nobody wants to watch a team that looks like they quit.

Tonight's game can between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors can be seen on ESPN at 9:00 pm.

As we all enjoy tonight's game, be sure to take some time to remember those that have fallen. We of At The Hive wish you all a happy Memorial Day.

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