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Charlotte Hornets expand Dell Curry's role

Dell Curry is moving on up in the Hornets organization! What does this mean for the future of the team, and what about his career as color commentator?

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets announced in a press release that Dell Curry, currently color commentator during Hornets TV broadcasts, is having his role with the team expanded. Curry will not only remain the team's color commentator, but will also become a team ambassador, and their Special Projects Advisor.

This is just the latest in a flurry of minor front office maneuvering the Hornets have taken part in over the offseason. What the end goal is we aren't exactly sure, but it's clear that they have something in mind up top. Could it be the team looking to build in a new direction, and perhaps attract some more free agents in the process?

As for how this will effect Curry, it's great to hear that he's still on the TV broadcast. He's always managed to find that balance so many teams want between supporting the team, but not being so incredibly biased that it's painful to listen to them. He also provides some decent insight. This does however mean that Stephanie Ready will probably remain the sideline reporter, and that's a bummer as it's not a secret that many of us want to see her on commentary more often.

Of course, what's going to interest people the most with this role expansion is what Curry will be doing with the team. As Special Projects Advisor he'll most likely be involved in behind the scenes stuff that we can't see, but the real interest comes in his role as a team ambassador. Not only will he be representing the team at public events, but he'll also play a role in attracting free agents that the Hornets may be interested. Perhaps a current MVP named Stephen Curry?

Everybody has talked about the possibility of Curry coming to the Hornets, the team his dad made a name at, but nobody has really taken it that seriously. It would be weird of him to leave a championship contender, the team that drafted him, and the city that loves him just because his dad works for the Hornets, but hey weirder things have happened.