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Greenville and Raleigh withdraw from Charlotte Hornets D-League search

It looks like the Hornets will be looking elsewhere for their future D-League team.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago the Charlotte Hornets announced plans for a D-League team, and two cities that immediately came to mind were Raleigh and Greenville.  This made sense with both cities being in the Carolinas, and Raleigh being relatively close to Charlotte. Both cities were suitable candidates, but according to Fox Carolina the two locations will be pulling themselves out of the running for the Hornets new D-League location.

Greenville will no longer pursue bringing the new team to their city. According to City of Greenville Communications Manager Leslie Fletcher, the city has notified the Hornets they will not be submitting a letter of intent to provide a proposal.

Raleigh will also not be offering a proposal, according to city officials.

(H/t Fox Carolina)

Despite the loss of two cities, that many thought would win the D-League team, the Hornets are still left with plenty of options in both North Carolina, and South Carolina if they wish to extend to that portion of their fanbase. Cities such as Asheville, Fayetteville, Columbia, and Charleston are all possibilities.

Personally, South Carolina might be the better option for the Hornets when looking at cities. With the recent surge in the Atlanta Hawks popularity, the Hornets are going to want to spread their fan base as far as possible, and sticking a farm system team right in South Carolina could give them a chance to have fanbase, and market, control over two states. If they ignore South Carolina, and choose to keep close to Charlotte, they could lose some of that market and fanbase to the surging Hawks. Of course, that's merely speculation as fans are unpredictable, and this could be wildly over estimating the impact  a farm team is going to have on an area. Even so, it wouldn't hurt the Hornets to expand their reach as far as they can possibly take it.