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Hornets top five links of the week (May 29): Steph Curry and the Hornets' future

All we do is lynx lynx lynx no matter what.

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Hello friends!

Not much happened in the news this week (at least regarding the Charlotte Hornets), but that doesn't mean there weren't some stories worth your time. Grab your Friday evening beverage and check out what we've got.

First up, the Charlotte Business Journal reported some of the details of Dell Curry's expanded role. He's going to serve as a "Hornets ambassador" and special projects manager. And guess what: He's staying on as color commentator.

Next, Zach Lowe of Grantland wrote a feature on the evolution and to some extent, extinction, of the NBA's post game. There are a bunch of Hornets paragraphs in it, as well as some quotes from head coach Steve Clifford and several other coaches around the league. Is an offense led by Al Jefferson the way to go? Read this one to get Lowe's take on the matter.

A strong take from Fan Sided says that a Golden State Warriors championship would the Hornets. Why? With Dell Curry picking up an expanded role with the team, Stephen Curry winning a ring would hinder the Hornets' chances of landing him in a few years. Don't forget, Curry said he's thought about playing in Charlotte. has aggregated all of their player reviews, including two new ones featuring Noah Vonleh and Troy Daniels. And while you're at it, you can check out all of our reviews here.

And finally, a bit more on Curry. If you haven't watched the playoffs at all, you may not know that Steph has brought his 2-year-old daughter, Riley, to his post-game press conferences twice now. Aside from being utterly adorable, she's also quite the troll as most toddlers are. She is notorious for interrupting quotes, singing, and even giving her gum to security.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.