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Hive Talk Live Stinger: NBA Finals, NBA Draft

Join David and Doug live June 23rd at 6pm for the premiere of season 3 of Hive Talk Live ONLY on At The Hive. Until then enjoy this short teaser we call a "Stinger"

Enjoy it while it lasts. Enjoy every morsel of remaining live basketball, because after this amazing finals showdown is over all we'll be left with is wild NBA draft speculation and the dizzying days of free agency. Well it doesn't sound THAT bad when you put it that way.

David and Doug discuss their thoughts on the NBA Finals and how it could change the NBA forever. PLUS is it better for the Hornets to draft the best player available or the best shooter available? As always let us know what you think in the comments and we also have a nifty poll for you FiveThirtyEight reading types.

This is the last Stinger before the premiere. Join us right here on At The Hive for the pre-draft special on June 23rd at 6pm and then the Live Draft Simulcast on June 25th.

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