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Charlotte Hornets work out Kelly Oubre

The Charlotte Hornets did a solo workout with Kelly Oubre to see what he could do.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets are continuing their draft prep today with a solo workout of Kansas's Kelly Oubre. Listed a Small Forward by Draft Express, Oubre ranks third in this category, and is currently projected to be drafted 14th at the tail end of the lottery.

Oubre didn't shoot very often, at Kansas, but when he did it at a fairly average rate from an efficiency standpoint. He was just under a point per possession, and his True Shooting Percentage sat a little above average at 56%. It's hard to gauge a true understanding of what he can do on offense since he played at Kansas where individual players aren't usually allowed to dominate. Kansas isn't particularly a bad school for prospects, but it's definitely one that provides some red flags.

What Oubre would really brings to the Hornets is some crazy athleticism, and the possibility of becoming a solid two way player. He has the potential to be a very good defender in the NBA thanks to his athleticism, body type, and skill set. Oubre also brings the ability to get out in transition and cause havoc on opposing defenses. Best of all, he's only 19 so there's tons of room for him to grow on some very raw skills.

It's not often that teams do solo workouts, but when they do the intent is usually to gather what that player's skill set is. Think of the NBA Combine, but in a team controlled environment and with the workout being more towards what the team is looking for instead of a broad variety. The Hornets are most likely bringing in Oubre to get a sense of what he can bring to the team, and get a better look at some of his individual skills. It's also possible that they're very interested in reaching for him at nine, and want to make sure that he's worth it.

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