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Charlotte Hornets to reveal new uniforms at draft party

The Charlotte Hornets are having a draft party, and they will be revealing some new uniforms.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

For those looking for something to do on draft night, the Charlotte Hornets are hosting a party for the 2015 NBA Draft. Fans can head to Time Warner Cable arena to test out seats, and be surrounded by fellow Hornets fans as the team makes their pick.

The big news here however is what will take place right before the draft begins. During the party, the team will announce their new uniform option for the upcoming season. These will be part of the NBA's pride uniforms, and they're supposed to be related to the local area. Could we see a return of the NASCAR checker uniforms, or will the team stick with something a little more Hornets like?

For those that are at the event, tweet pictures and videos to our Twitter account "@AtTheHive". If we see anything cool we'll retweet  it, and maybe use your tweets in our post on the new uniforms.