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Charlotte Hornets and Los Angeles Clippers discussing trade of Lance Stephenson

Is Lance Stephenson's time in Charlotte already over?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports


So...that's a thing.


According to Adrian Wojarnowski of Yahoo Sports!, the Charlotte Hornets and Los Angeles Clippers are currently in discussions of a trade involving sending Lance Stephenson to the Clippers.

If this trade were to take place, it would involve Stephenson being sent to the Clippers, and the Hornets receiving Matt Barnes and Spencer Hawes in return.

Matt Barnes is well known across the NBA as a player that nobody seems to like unless he's on their team. He's constantly finding himself in altercations, and many call him a fake tough guy. That said, he's a solid perimeter defender and can make an open 3-pointer when asked. His current role as a starter in Los Angeles is a little much for him, but Charlotte would be able to use him in a smaller role off the bench that would magnify his good traits, and hoepfully minimize the lesser part of his game. He would also provide a toughness to the lockerroom that coaches love. On top of that, Barnes has worked Steve Clifford before back in 2010 when Barnes was in Orlando, and Clifford was on staff working under Stan Van Gundy.

Spencer Hawes is obviously a minus, and not someone that'll get fans excited.  He was signed to a contract that far exceeded the skills of a gunning stretch four, and he quickly played his way out of the rotation in Los Angeles. That said, the Hornets have to take on a guy like Hawes if they're going to dump Stephenson's fresh contract off on a new team.

There of course have been rumors since last December that Charlotte has been looking to offload Stephenson on another team, but those have always been nothing more than rumors. Nobody in the NBA was willing to take a risk on him after so quickly wearing out his welcome in Charlotte. This would definitely be a risky move for the Clippers, but when Stephenson is at his best he's a major talent upgrade over Barnes and Hawes.

As for the Hornets, this might be their best case scenario in a trade for Stephenson. He's the most talented player mentioned in the trade, but the headaches that come with him means that quality role players will be the best possible return for Charlotte. Even so, we've seen trades like this fall through before, and it won't be shocking to see it fall through again.