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Lance Stephenson to be traded to the Los Angeles Clippers

After just one season with the Hornets, Lance Stephenson has been traded to the Clippers.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Lance Stephenson's time with the Charlotte Hornets has come to an end. According to Marc Stein of ESPN, the Hornets have agreed to send Stephenson to the Los Angeles Clippers.

This will officially end Stephenson's time with the Hornets. He hasn't even been with the team for a full year yet, but it's very clear the they not want Stephenson to be around any longer.

As reported by Adrian Wojarnowski earlier, the Hornets will be receiving forwards Spencer Hawes and Matt Barnes in return for Stephenson.

Although it looks like Barnes won't be staying around long term. They're likely just eat his contract and let him become a free agent, but don't be surprised if Charlotte keeps him short term and try to flip his contract on draft night.

It's not particularly surprising to see Lance Stephenson traded away already, but it's still a very strange situation considering he was Charlotte's top free agent acquisition last season. Most would expect the team to not let one bad season force them into a trade so early on, but trade rumors have surrounded him and the team since December. If it was only bad play on the court then Stephenson would most likely still be with Charlotte, but there has been speculation that issues in the locker room and chemistry with the team is what forced the Hornets to try and move him so soon after making the signing last summer.

Of course, all of these off court issues could have been overlooked had Stephenson played better, or fit better with the team. Instead, Stephenson put up horrible numbers across the board, and finished with 8.2 points, 3.9 assists, 4.5 rebounds per game, while shooting 37 percent from the field. His horrible season, the team failing to meet expectations, and rumors of off-court issues combined to form the dagger to Stephenson's short lived career in Charlotte.