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Gerald Henderson exercises player option to stay with Charlotte Hornets

Gerald Henderson will be returning for at least one more year with the Hornets.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Gerald Henderson informed the Charlotte Hornets today that he will be exercising his player option to remain with the team for the 2015-2016 season.

After an improved season a few years ago, Henderson tested the restricted free agency market to see what was out there. Unimpressed with the deals he was offered, instead of signing an offer with another team to see if Charlotte would match, Henderson chose to sign a new deal with the team that drafted him, but gave himself an out with a player option if he manged to improve to the point where a big pay day would be on the way.

However, like Al Jefferson, Henderson had a year that wasn't extremely impressive to other teams, and had the stink of a disappointing Hornets season all around him. It was unlikely that another team was going to give him a large contract, and Henderson made the decision to try and play his way to a better deal in the final season of his contract.

For the Hornets, they can't be too unhappy with Henderson choosing to return. He's always been consistent for them, and they know what skill set he brings. However, that skill set doesn't really help where the Hornets currently hurt most. Anybody that's watched Henderson knows that his offensive game comes right out of the 90's with mid-range jumpshots, and post ups against other guards. He's not a great 3-point shooter, and that hurts his value in the current NBA that finds the ability to stretch the floor so important.

However, this doesn't make Henderson a poor player, or even a bad one. He knows that the NBA doesn't fit his style, and he works to try and fit his game into today's NBA. Nobody has ever once questioned his effort, and his defense is one of the bright spots in his game. He picks his spots well, and a lot can be said for a player that understands his role.

Will we see Henderson again after this season? That' still up in the air, and will depend greatly on what direction Charlotte wants to take with their roster. There's also Henderson himself to take into consideration. He may feel that it's in his best interest to find a new surrounding, and get a fresh start with a different franchise.

As for now, the Hornets should be able to get good use out of Henderson's consistency. Even if his offense is considered not as valuable in the modern NBA.