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Hoping for another comeback, Greg Oden worked out for the Hornets

Oden worked out for the Hornets as part of a free agent mini-camp tour.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Hoping it was 2008, former No. 1 overall pick Greg Oden worked out for the Charlotte Hornets last Wednesday as part of a free agent mini-camp tour. He also has plans to work out for Dallas Mavericks, and previously worked out for the Memphis Grizzles this spring.

Oden played for the Miami Heat in the 2013-14 season, but appeared in just 23 games, and clearly didn't look ready for even rotation minutes. He's 27, so he can't be classified as young anymore, but he continues to gauge interest from teams because of how talented he was when healthy.

While it's unlikely Oden is where he needs to be earn a spot on a roster, it makes sense for the Hornets to give him a look. With limited cap space, Charlotte will have to look at cheaper options to fill out their roster (which by the way, worked out pretty well two seasons ago) and Oden could likely be had for the league minimum. This camp gave the team a chance to see just where he is in his recovery, and if he impressed, they can make a pitch to him next week once free agency begins. And sure, Oden has talent, but the Hornets might be better off finding an unknown talent for cheap, much like the Miami Heat did with Hassan Whiteside last season.

But enough about the sad story that Greg Oden is now. Take a moment and remember the good (which by the end, may make you even sadder).

Just look at these old clips (clearly before everyone owned an HDTV). Oden was so good, he even had his own "Godzilla Mixtape" which sounds like something only reserved for the best mixtapes.

If you look closely, past the pixelated 240p resolution, you can see Oden dominating opposing big men. Sure the Trailblazers blew it by taking Oden instead of Kevin Durant, but revisionist history is bulls**t, and Oden had No. 1 pick potential.

And while Oden showed flashes of that potential before his injuries caught up to him, his best highlight involved him on the receiving end of Gerald Wallace, who threw down probably the best alley-opp in Charlotte pro-basketball history over Oden:

In all seriousness, let's wish Greg Oden the best of luck. He probably won't play for the Hornets next season, or maybe any NBA team, but if he does, we of At the Hive wish him well.