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Charlotte Hornets hastily shopping Cody Zeller to get Frank Kaminsky, report says

Would you give up Cody Zeller to draft Frank Kaminsky? Because the Hornets might.

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Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets are actively shopping second-year big man Cody Zeller for a wing player, and if they find a deal they like, expect them to select Frank Kaminsky with the ninth pick in the NBA Draft, according to Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski.

This is interesting for several reasons.

One, the Hornets, by all accounts, adore Zeller. General manager Rich Cho talked him up after the season, and head coach Steve Clifford said he's excited to see Zeller start practicing shooting 3-pointers. Zeller is not a star right now, but he's shown to be a very solid player on both ends of the floor when the Hornets are healthy. He's commonly seen as a scoring big, but Zeller's real calling card thus far has been his stellar defense. When he and Biyombo shared the floor last season, the Hornets rebounded substantially better and played phenomenal defense.

The other reason is that the Hornets haven't really been linked to Kaminsky all that much. I can't recall if Kaminsky even worked out for them, and a report from the Indianapolis Star suggested Kaminsky's not interested in going to the Hornets. Which begs the question: Why are the Hornets suddenly interested now?

If this rumor has legs, it suggests that the Hornets are desperate to rebound from a disappointing season and win now. That's unfortunate, because as constructed this team is far, far away from being a contender. The best route would be what's worked the last few years: Build through the draft and fill out the roster with veterans. With that, the Hornets have one of the most promising young frontcourts in the NBA and a defensive behemoth in Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Hastily shopping Zeller, especially since he's just a couple of weeks from recovering from his shoulder surgery, seems hasty and wholly unnecessary considering the Hornets' current trajectory.

Then again, maybe they're able to net a legitimate wing talent.

What do you think?