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Charlotte Hornets receive Jeremy Lamb in deal with Matt Barnes contract

It was known the Hornets didn't want to keep Matt Barnes, and this confirms it.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets received Matt Barnes when trading Lance Stephenson to the Los Angeles Clippers. It was reported at the time the team didn't want to keep Barnes long term, and it looks like that has come to fruition. According to Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer, the Hornets will be receiving Jeremy Lamb in a deal involving Matt Barnes contract.

Considering that getting nothing in return for Barnes would have been really bad for a guy like Lance Stephenson, this is a pretty solid trade whatever the details end up becoming. Lamb hasn't done too much so far in his time in Oklahoma City, and he's essentially a low risk high reward player for the Hornets. He's advertised as a 3-point shooter, but outside of that there isn't much else he's known for. He hasnt' had a chance to flesh out his game in OKC. If Charlotte can turn him into a high efficiency guy off the bench then that would be a win for them.

As for Barnes, the team never wanted to keep him around long term so any return on him is a good thing. He'll be an interesting free agent for teams across the NBA. He's a solid perimeter defender, a good 3-point shooter, and his teammates all seem to love him. He always sticks up for guys on the court, and he adds a sense of **** you to the lockerroom.

Even so, the Hornets didn't want that on their team, and that was obvious. What Hornets fans are now asking is how Lamb will fit into the team with the draft one day away, and the recent acquiring of Nic Batum that sent Gerald Henderson to Charlotte. The Hornets just traded away both of their shooting guards from last season, and this creates an opportunity for Lamb to get a lot of minutes. If he pans out that's great. If not, then it will likely not hurt the team long term with P.J. Hairston, and possibly the Hornets 2015 draft pick behind him.