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Charlotte Hornets trade Luke Ridnour for Jeremy Lamb

The details finally shine through, and it looks like the Hornets will be getting Jeremy Lamb.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a long journey, but the details have finally shined through on this trade. The Charlotte Hornets will be trading Luke Ridnour to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Jeremy Lamb according to Adrian Wonjarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

To recap everything that's happened so far, last night Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer reported that the Hornets were receiving Jeremy Lamb in a deal involving Matt Barnes contract. Barnes had originally been received in the trade that sent Lance Stephenson to the Los Angeles Clippers. The Hornets didn't want to keep his contract, but rather than eating it for nothing they worked out a trade.

It was then reported earlier today that the Hornets had traded Barnes to the Memphis Grizzlies for former backup point guard Luke Ridnour. Ridnour's contract is unguranteed, making him a good trade piece, but everybody was obviously a little confused on how Barnes had been traded twice in two days to two separate teams.

Now, the details are clear. The Hornets traded Barnes to the Grizzlies so they could receive Ridnour's unguranteed contract. They're now flipping that contract to the Thunder for Lamb. Poor Ridnour, he's now on his fourth team in two days.

This was a pretty good deal for everybody involved. The Grizzlies get a solid perimeter defender that can decently space the floor. The Thunder get a backup point guard, or cap space, depending on what they decide to do with Ridnour. OKC also received a second round pick from the Hornets in the deal. The Hornets came away the best by turning Barnes contact into a return after it looked like they were going to get nothing out of it.

The Hornets are still not done dealing, and we can only wonder what they're up to next.