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Charlotte Hornets select Frank Kaminsky with the ninth pick in the 2015 NBA Draft

The Hornets have taken Frank Kaminsky with the ninth pick in the draft, and this confirms all the rumors.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

With the ninth pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, the Charlotte Hornets have taken Frank Kaminsky out of Wisconsin. During his senior year, Kaminsky 18.8 points and 8.2 rebounds per game on his way to a national championship appearance.

This pick is a bit of a surprise considering that Charlotte has quite a few players at the power forward spot already, but Kaminsky has been linked to Charlotte by multiple outlets over the last few days, and it looks like those reports were accurate in the end.

While this pick will anger fans, Kaminsky does have the ability to help the Hornets. He shot over 40% from 3-point range, and will be able to fit the four out, Jefferson in, offense that the team has been building over the last few days. The best part is that he's NBA ready right now, and there's no reason he can't immediately contribute. Everybody tired of watching Jason Maxiell should be thrilled by this.

All of that said, Kaminsky being picked at this point is definitely a head scratcher. He doesn't show much potential to grow outside of the skills he has already shown, and it's hard to not see why the Hornets couldn't have gotten him later in the draft by trading down. Perhaps they felt pressured to take him early with Kaminsky's name shooting up draft boards over the last few days, but it feels weird taking a player so close to his ceiling this early in the draft.

Of course, Charlotte has already shown a willingness to make trades this offseason. Lets not be surprised if this isn't the first time we hear from them tonight. There was a long wait for this pick between reports online, and this seems a pretty strong indication that there will be a trade of some sort.