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Charlotte Hornets unveil new jerseys at 2015 NBA Draft party

The Hornets new jerseys are out! What do you think?

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Charlotte Hornets revealed their new jerseys today during their 2015 NBA Draft party These jerseys are part of the NBA pride series that many NBA teams will be taking part of. So, what does everybody think?

Personally, they're really boring jerseys. Black is a boring color, and it has nothing to do with Charlotte, or the team itself. The teal numbers are cool, but that's about all the creativity you'll find. It's like the team felt forced to make these so they just created the most generic bland design they could think of. Oh, and of course they have sleeves, something that everybody just LOVES right?

All of that said, these are likely just a one year deal, and since they're pride jerseys the team will only wear them single digit times this season. Hopefully they stick to the white, teal, purple combo that everybody loves, and avoid wearing these boring dull black sleeved snooze fests as much as possible.