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Charlotte Hornets may swap picks with Boston Celtics

There's potential out there for a pick swap between the Hornets and Celtics.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier it was said that the Hornets won't let Frank Kaminsky go any lower than nine, but could that be because of a trade? According to Marc Stein of ESPN that might be exactly what's going on.

There were rumors about the Celtics and Hornets talking about a swap earlier, but those got shut down as the rumor had apparently gotten started on twitter thanks to someone messing up while looking at twitter accounts Jared Sullinger followed. Even so, the Celtics have been looking to move up for a few days now, and the Hornets have been looking to move down ever since the lottery. It sounds like a match made in heaven right?

If Boston were to move up to the ninth pick, we have to assume that there's an NBA ready player like a Frank Kaminsky that they want at that spot. As for the Hornets, they worked out a handful of players projected for the middle rounds for the last few weeks. They're familiar with that spot of the draft, and there might be a guy there that the Hornets are very interested in taking.