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Frank Kaminsky calls Charlotte Hornets "Bobcats" and thinks barbecue is a sauce

Frank Kaminsky thinks he knows barbecue better than you do.

Harry How/Getty Images

Call it goofiness if you want, but Frank Kaminsky is off to a rough start in Charlotte.

Kaminsky was asked a rather simple question, but one that would decide his worth in the eyes of many southerners, earlier today.

Ouch. Kaminsky dismissed the two options he was given, both relatively safe, for the one answer that could cause uproar. Listen, Frank, barbecue is barbecue. It is not a sauce. It is not a style of cooking. It is not a food. It is a way of life.

Kaminsky also did the unthinkable last year: He called the Hornets the Bobcats. The article was published on 11-05-14, which is either a few months before the name change was official or a few months after. For Kaminsky's sake, I hope it's the former.

Oh, and he called playing in Charlotte boring.

Then in late April, after a Final Four loss to Kentucky, after his dominant play had turned him into a possible first-round pick, the unlikeliest star in college basketball returned to his keyboard to do something even more unlikely -- he crafted a 1,219-word defense of staying in school.

"I am at the pinnacle of my basketball career, at least in my eyes," he wrote. "I know the NBA has their crazy fans and all, but ... there are games when teams like the Bobcats get hardly any fans, and it looks flat-out boring."

While Charlotte's attendance has been spotty over the years, suggesting that playing for a potential future employer (who is now your actual employer) is boring is, well, not bright. It looks like Kaminsky has a lot to work on off the court before Charlotte's ready to embrace him.

If you're reading this, Frank, know that we're just teasing you. Welcome to Charlotte.