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The old Frank Kaminsky has disappeared, and no one likes it

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Ever since Frank Kaminsky made it big, nothing's been the same.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Kaminsky has only been a Charlotte Hornet for six days, but he's already found himself an endorsement deal with JCPenney.

The video pokes fun at Kaminsky forgetting who he was before the money and fame, and to his credit Kaminsky is a promising actor. He doesn't have many lines in the ad, but his facial expressions are gold and what makes this thing work.

Check it out below.

I can't think of many Hornets getting national ads over the last few years, so this is pretty cool. It's baffling that this happened so soon, before Kaminsky has played a single game in the NBA and before the Carolinas have had time to embrace him. That shouldn't be a problem if Kaminsky continues to let this side of him show. His deadpan is reminiscent of Buster Keaton's.

What do you think of Kaminsky's first endorsement deal?

/sprays hose to beat of music