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Orlando Summer League day seven preview: Charlotte Hornets vs Brooklyn Nets

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The Hornets will play the Nets in a rematch on the final day of Orlando Summer League.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

When: 4:00 PM EST

Where: Orlando, FL



The Charlotte Hornets play their final game of Orlando Summer League in the final slot of the day. It will be a rematch against the Brooklyn Nets in the 9th-10th place game. This is fitting considering the Nets haven't won a game all week, and the Hornets lone win came against that same Nets team. They've definitely been the two least performing teams of the week.

At this point of the week most of the teams, and players, are just going through the paces and looking forward to the plane ride home. They've been playing ugly, physical, basketball all week with plenty of practice in between. Many teams aren't even playing guaranteed contract players so don't be surprised if Frank Kakminsky, P.J. Hairston, or Troy Daniels sits out this game. Heck, don't be surprised if all three sit out. There's nothing for the Hornets to gain from this game, and it's unlikely they'll learn anything that they don't already know.

If the Hornets do play their guaranteed contracts then it'll be interesting to see if P.J. Hairston can build on his improvements from last game, and if Frank Kaminsky can show a little more assertiveness.

In the end, this game isn't majorly important, and good health for all is the only outcome anybody wants.