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Hive Talk Live: Hornets in Lin-now mode

Oh, you know the puns are coming. Listen below and don't forget to tweet your questions and comments.

The Charlotte Hornets have made a series of moves this offseason but none were hotter than signing free agent point guard Jeremy Lin. He brings along millions of loyal fans worldwide. Is it a stretch to call Jeremy Lin the most popular Hornets player? Lin was introduced by the Hornets on Monday and had some interesting things to say about his role in Charlotte and how the city is already embracing him (maybe a little too tightly). We'll discuss our rules of celebrity engagement.

Listen for more on Lin and the signing of Aaron Harrison. Can the former Kentucky Wildcat make it through training camp and earn a roster spot? Where does that leave Brian Roberts?

PLUS Summer League offered fans more than just a look at the next generation of Hornets players, it also came with a brand new way to handle overtime. Should the strange new rules make their way to the NBA?

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