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Charlotte Hornets continue to rebuild staff, name Bruce Kreutzer assistant coach

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While the Hornets haven't done anything in free agency yet, the team added a new assistant coach with plenty of experience.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets have hired Bruce Kreutzer as an assistant coach, the team announced today.

Kreutzer has 38 years of experience as a coach, most recently with the Atlanta Vision in the American Basketball Association. The Vision have not played since 2009, though, when owner Quentin Townsend was convicted on four major charges related to theft and forgery. As a result, information about Kreutzer's time with the team is hard to come by.

However, Kreutzer's most recent gig was as a shooting consultant with the Philadelphia 76ers and NBA D-League, the latter of which he's been since 2008. He's also one half of Mark Price's aptly named Mark Price Shooting Lab, which both points to the fact that he's likely Price's replacement and may have even been recommended by Price.

Much earlier in Kreutzer's career, he was a point guard on the Dominican Republic's national team.

Reports from the Charlotte Observer say Kreutzer's already hard at work with Michael Kidd-GilchristThe two have worked together before, and it's great that the Hornets are not abandoning the revamp of Kidd-Gilchrist's jumper. All indications suggest Kreutzer is the right man for the job.

Welcome, Bruce.