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Michael Jordan to be inducted to FIBA Hall of Fame with 2015 class

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Time for one of the greatest to ever play the game to add another accolade under his belt.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Jordan is one of the greatest players to ever play the sport of basketball, and widely considered the greatest of all time. With a title as high as that, it's hard to think that MJ has any more awards that he can receive, but he did always seem to do the impossible.

Jordan's latest accomplishment is one most would think he was already a part of. The Charlotte Hornets owner will be inducted to FIBA's Hall Of Fame, and headline their 2015 class per a team announcement.

"Along with Jordan, the contingent of players also includes national icons Antoine Rigaudeau of France, Lithuania's Sarunas Marciulionis, Vladimir Tkachenko of Russia/Ukraine, Cuba's Ruperto Herrera Tabio and Anne Donovan of the USA.

They are joined by legendary coach Jan Stirling of Australia.

Between the seven of them, the players and coach combine for 13 Olympic medals and 7 appearances on the podium at FIBA's flagship world competitions (FIBA Basketball World Cup and FIBA Women's World Championship)."

MJ will always be most famous for what he did with the Bulls, and having one of the most popular shoe brands in the entire world, but an underrated accomplishment is that he made enough money to be the majority owner of an NBA team as a former player. When compared to his peers he looks almost poor in comparison, but even something as underlooked as that is usually remembered before Jordan's accomplishments with Team USA.

Everybody remembers 1992 Dream Team, but how many can name off the top of their head his first gold medal in 1984, or even remember that he was a member of Team USA during the 1983 PanAmerican games? Of course, this isn't information that should be readily known outside of those with great memory, but it's somehow overlooked in the extraordinary career Jordan had. His NBA and off court accomplishments will always be higher in the eyes of fans, but his international accomplishments are well worth a spot in the FIBA Hall of Fame.