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Charlotte Hornets assistant coach Patrick Ewing said Hornets don't have hard-nosed defenders

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With Bismack Biyombo headed out the doors, who will fill the void defensively for the Hornets?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

In 2011 NBA Draft, Bismack Biyombo was selected with the seventh pick to eventually the Charlotte Hornets.  The Hornets announced they would not tender a qualifying offer of $4.05 million to the center making him an unrestricted free agent currently.  Biyombo, 22, has yet to live up to being a No. 7 pick with questions of consistency on both ends of the floor, but he has shown flashes of defense.  Regardless, the Hornets have been extremely active in pursuing a "win now" team, and Biyombo didn't fit the mold with needing continued years to develop.  With Biyombo gone, it takes away the grit that he gave the Hornets' defense to block shots and not be afraid to play tenaciously.  It leaves a hole that the Hornets will need to fill.

Today on ESPN 730, Hornets Assistant Head Coach Patrick Ewing joined and spoke on the issue.

With NBA free agency almost two days in, "Buzz City" has been everything but that.  Charlotte has almost been nonexistent and seems to be in talks with no one.  Will Charlotte fill the space through free agency or does Rich Cho believe in what they have put together with these string of deals?  Like Ewing stated above, they are looking to add bodies, but the free agency clock is ticking and it isn't slowing down...