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Charlotte Hornets draftee Frank Kaminsky officially signs NBA contract

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On Thursday, the Hornets' new addition finally signed his contract, officially making him a Hornet.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Kaminsky, the 7-foot big man from Wisconsin, officially signed his NBA contract yesterday making him a full-fledged member of the Charlotte Hornets. Kaminsky was selected with the ninth pick in the NBA Draft.

With video sharing being relatively common these days, the Hornets decided to film the event and share it on Twitter.

Welcome to Charlotte, Frank. Officially.

Kaminsky's been in Charlotte for about a week now as the team holds a mini camp before the Orlando summer league. Reports suggest Kaminsky hasn't adjusted to the NBA game as easily as some expected, and many eyes will be on him when the Hornets play their first summer league game against the Oklahoma City Thunder tomorrow at 3 p.m..

Signing Kaminsky adds somewhere between $1.7 million and $2.56 million to the Hornets cap sheet (probably the latter number), while also removing an incomplete roster charge equal to the minimum salary for a rookie this year. In other words, the Hornets are several million over the cap now, and have no room to work with in free agency. Many teams wait to sign their rookies until they've acquired free agents with cap space, but since the Hornets have none, signing Kaminsky does no harm.