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Mo Williams to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers

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The Hornets were unable to move Williams in a sign-and-trade.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, point guard Mo Williams has signed a two-year, $4.3 million deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers:

Williams will return to Cleveland, where he earned his only All-Star appearance as the starting point guard for the Lebron James led Cavaliers back in 2009. Woj also added that Williams turned down offers from various teams before deciding on Cleveland:

Williams' departure seemed certain once the season ended. He came to Charlotte excited to play with long-time friend Al Jefferson, and he played some of the best basketball of his career the first two weeks he was in Charlotte. Like the rest of the team, Williams struggled by season's end, and it became clear that his playing style didn't fit well with Kemba Walker's because in many ways they were too similar.

The Hornets made no public comments regarding Williams' free agency, and his departure was only solidified once it was reported that the Hornets would attempt to move Williams in a sign-and-trade. That didn't happen, and now Williams is off to Cleveland. There will undoubtedly be criticism as to why the Hornets didn't pull off a sign-and-trade, but there was never any indication the Hornets were even in advanced talks for such a trade.

The Hornets have virtually been non-existent in free agency this summer. They wanted Marco Belinelli, calling him at midnight at July 1st, but he signed in Sacramento for more than the Hornets could have offered him. Chris Barnewall pointed out that the team would likely remain quiet this summer, and that has still held true. It's likely that the Hornets won't commit to any player in free agency unless they fit into the team's playing style and can come at a reasonable price. The Hornets do need to add another point guard, but when Cory Joseph (the type of backup point guard the Hornets could have sought after) signs for the Raptors for $30 million, it's hard to find the quality of player when the price tag exceeds what they can play.

In any case, Mo Williams is officially no longer a Hornet. His brief stint in Charlotte was filled with two weeks of incredible basketball, giving life to a time that in retrospect probably shouldn't have been saved. It was a fun two weeks though.