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Orlando Summer League preview day five: Charlotte Hornets vs Orlando Magic (White)

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The Charlotte Hornets take on the Orlando Magic (White) squad in today's summer league matchup.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

When: 1:00 PM EST

Where: Orlando, FL



The Charlotte Hornets take on the Orlando Magic (White) in their matchup today for Orlando Summer League. The Hornets are coming off their first win of the week, while White is coming off a day of rest, and a victory over the Pacers. Considered the D-League and cast off team, White wasn't expected to win too many games during summer league, but great play from guys like Chris Singleton has been turning heads. Everybody is playing unorganized and ugly basketball, but White is out sacrificing individual achievements for the sake of team wins.

The Hornets will likely be without P.J. Hairston due to the shoulder injury he suffered yesterday, and it would be surprising to see him again for the rest of Summer League. This will be a good opportunity for Patrick Ewing to go deeper into his bench and see what kind of talent he has at his disposal. This also might mean more touches for Frank Kaminsky, and more opportunities for him to let it loose from deep.

If Charlotte is going to win then they'll need a big performance out of either Kaminsky, Aaron Harrison, or maybe Troy Daniels again. So far Daniels has dominated Summer League for the Hornets, and it was his 16 point 14 rebound performance yesterday that led Charlotte to their first win.

Another area to keep an eye on will be Harrison's continued expansion of his offense. He's starting to look for others more and more, and this is a great sign for a player that has very often looked for his own jumpshot rather than creating for others. That said, he's played himself into a training camp invite at this point, and possibly even a spot on the final roster come late October.