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Orlando Summer League: Charlotte Hornets out-hustled by Orlando Magic (White), lose 68-81

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The Charlotte Hornets just didn't have enough energy to overcome the Orlando Magic (White) group.

The later on Orlando Summer League goes the harder it gets for the Charlotte Hornets to give 100 percent effort. After all, the games don't really matter, and some of the players have fully guaranteed contracts to protect. There's an expectation with this level that the basketball is gonna be ugly, and sometimes everybody on the floor won't be giving it their all.

Then there's that one team. The group filled with NBA castoffs, D-League players, and guys that are just looking for one more shot at making a roster. They know that this their audition for training camp, and that if they dog it for even a second then it could be the end of their career. That's what the Orlando Magic (White) squad was today, and they simply played harder.

White is not the official summer league team for the Magic. They wear Magic gear, and represent the Magic organization, but Orlando isn't looking to actually add any of these guys to their roster. These are players without a home, and they're fighting their asses off for that contract. Today, they outplayed the Hornets thoroughly because of that.

There wasn't anything from a strategy standpoint that gave White an advantage. They ran very basic pick and rolls, simple off ball screens, and plays that every NBA team has run at some point. That said, their execution was ran to perfection, and the Hornets had no way to stop it. Charlotte's defense couldn't prevent anybody from getting to the rim, and their offense struggled not only to produce, but get any kind of consistency.

Not only this, but White beat them to every rebound, loose ball, and any other stereotype of hustle. It might be cliche to say that they wanted it more, but Orlando Magic (White) truly did want it more.

As for actual performances, nobody on Charlotte played well enough to take note of. Frank Kaminsky struggled on and off throughout the game, Aaron Harrison continued to do what he's done all summer league, and P.J. Hairston played slightly better than he's been so far. It wasn't a good performance, and it was very typical summer league basketball.