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P.J. Hairston responds to report on traffic violation

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P.J. Hairston says the traffic violation is a mix up.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

P.J. Hairston was reportedly pulled over back in June, and received four traffic violations in the process. One for speeding, driving left of center, a revoked license, and driving with expired tags. This obviously was very concerning for a player that's had a bit of a troubled pass featuring a fight during a pick up basketball game, and being unable to sign his contract due to his agent not being certified.

Well, Hornets fans should be able to rest easy, because according to Hairston those reports are a mix up.

"It's just a misunderstanding of the court system. What happened was true, I got pulled over, my license was suspended. Davie County, it was a ticket that I got, actually on my birthday. When I got the ticket, I paid for the ticket and got the receipt back. But Davie County failed to reinstate my license. My financial advisor drove himself, with the receipt that I had paid the ticket and gave it to Davie County. I had to wait for them to reinstate my license and when they reinstated it, my license is valid, I have a good license now. My truck has been inspected; I paid all my property taxes for my truck, so everything is fine. It's just a big mix up in the media and there is a false message going around Twitter about me. It is what it is, people just want something to talk about."

When asked about it today by Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer, Hairston seemed confused by the speeding ticket.

"No, it was for my tags, it was for my tags and the police officer asked me, did you know they were expired and I said no. He said, yeah, they expired two weeks ago, so that day, I switched trucks with my financial advisor and he took my truck and took it in to get inspected. Everything is clear now, it was just a mix up. Everyone is just now finding out about it and now it's starting to be out as news. But honestly, it really isn't news."

Hairston is right that the majority of this isn't really news. People get traffic violations all the time, and it shouldn't be put under a microscope any time he gets pulled over. That said, it's strange that he seems to believe that there was no speeding ticket involved. Perhaps it was taken off his record? It's difficult to say right now, but again traffic violations aren't really that big a deal. Especially if it's a mix up like Hairston says.

(H/t Queen City Hoops)