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Charlotte Hornets on ESPN to end season against the Orlando Magic

The Charlotte Hornets got one game on ESPN this year, and it comes right at the end of the season.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets don't get very many games on national TV, and they get even less of the primetime ESPN and TNT games, but it looks like they're going to get at least one game this year. In their home season finale, the Hornets will take on the Orlando Magic in a game with possible playoff implications.

The Hornets are a team that are expected to at least battle for a playoff spot late, and the Magic are a team that have been labeled as ready to make the jump for a couple years now. With Charlotte looking to get back into the playoffs after a disappointing year, and Orlando trying to just prove that their rebuild is getting results, this could be a play in game for one of the bottom playoff seeds. However, it could also end up being a meaningless game between two teams that are just waiting for the year to end.

Since the game is in April, and so late in the year, the Hornets once again sit in prime flex territory. Last year, Charlotte had one of their national TV games flexed, and this year it could happen all over again. The Hornets season finale is on the same day as the Heat and Boston Celtics take each other on which will also feature playoff implications. Now this is one that everybody might be able to see the writing on the wall. The Celtics, one of the NBA's marquee franchise, taking on a successful and recognizable franchise like the Heat? In a game that could decide playoff fates or seeding? This looks like the writing on the wall of a game that's going to be flexed in to replace the Magic and Hornets especially if one of Charlotte or Orlando has been eliminated from playoff contention.

Then again, this is the only game that these two teams will play on ESPN or TNT this season. That alone might save their national TV hopes.