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Charlotte Hornets to open season on the road against the Miami Heat

The schedule was released today, and the Hornets will open their season on the road.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Hornets schedule was announced today, and it looks like their season opener will be on the road against, their division rival, the Miami Heat.

The game will be on October 28th at 7:30 P.M. The team will then travel to Atlanta to take on the Hawks, October 30th. Finally, the Hornets will have their home opener Sunday November 1st, at 2 P.M., in a rematch against the Hawks.

Charlotte's first three games of the season are all against division rivals which will at least add a little bit of excitement and drama to the beginning of a season long marathon. The Heat game in particular should be an interesting first test to see what position two playoff hopefuls should find themselves in. Miami will be getting Chris Bosh back for the first time since a blood clot ended Bosh's season early, and the Hornets will be able to test out their new players in Nicolas Batum, Jeremy Lin, and rookie Frank Kaminsky.

Following the Heat game, the Hornets have two straight matchups against the Hawks. Despite losing DeMarre Caroll in free agency, the Hawks were the East's best regular season team last year, and will likely be trying to pick up where they left off. With their flurry of 3-point shooting, the Hornets will need to get their defense going early in the season to pick up wins.

What's most interesting about this three game stretch is the home opener. Besides the opener not being until November, it's a Sunday matinee game which is a bit of a rarity this early in the NBA season. Even so, since the game is not on a work day, the building should be electric as fans get ready for a season they hope turns into a playoff run. Lets just hope their expectations aren't too high after the bar last year's home opener set.