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Hive Talk Live Stinger: Deep-ish thoughts on the Hornets schedule

We know when and where they'll play next year. Did the Hornets get an easy ride and a fair shake, or did the schedule hammer fall hard? Listen below and find out.

The Hornets released their schedule on Wednesday along with the rest of the league. While the NBA blessed them with less back to backs (16) and zero 4 games in 5 night stretches, the Hornets were once again locked out of the national TV spotlight and face a brutal opening slate that includes two games against Atlanta, Chicago and a road trip to San Antonio and Dallas.

Doug and David hop back in the audio booth to discuss what to takeaway from the schedule and what not to get carried away with. Including:

Should the Hornets have been given more national TV games?

Is the road ahead for the Hornets tougher than last season or easier?

What will the Hornets record look like after their first 10 games?

Listen below and as always share your comments below and on twitter @HiveTalkLive. Hive Talk Live returns to their regular season schedule on September 1st at 6:00pm. Tune in right here on At The Hive.