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WATCH: Nicolas Batum could be the playmaker the Charlotte Hornets have been missing

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Seth Partnow re-joins Doug to look at Nicolas Batum's playmaking skills, something the Hornets will sorely need in 2015-16.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

In episode 2 of Hive Talk Live's video breakdown series, Doug is once again joined by Seth Partnow from Nylon Calculus and BBall Breakdown to discuss another Hornets newcomer: Nicolas Batum.

Batum comes to the Hornets via a trade this offseason that sent longtime Cat/Hornet Gerald Henderson and Noah Vonleh to Portland. Nic has played his entire NBA career with the Trailblazers where he racked up career averages of 11 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists along with a reputation for being able to do a little bit of everything on the offensive end. While fans and Hornets' staff will be expecting Batum to shoulder more of a scoring load next year, his ability to manufacture offense in the halfcourt with his passing and physical gifts will help replace something the team has been lacking since the departure of Josh McRoberts.

In the first half of last season, Batum struggled to score as he fought through a wrist injury, but he still managed to make an impact on the court with his passing. He set a career high in assists per 36 (5.2) and managed to find his scoring groove after the all-star break.

Watch below as Doug and Seth examine four plays from 2014-15 that illustrate the different ways Batum uses his body AND his mind to create offense out of thin air.