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WATCH: Can Frank Kaminsky be a consistent outside shooter in the NBA?

We look at his shot form from Summer League to see if he'll be a long range threat or a long term bust.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

"Wait...we drafted ANOTHER stretch power forward?!"

Frank Kaminsky's draft selection was a little controversial. Not over the top, boycott the season controversial, but a lot of fans were head scratching after the Hornets selection on draft night. Some were confused by the Hornets drafting a third straight power forward. Some were outraged that they passed on Duke guard Justise Winslow and a "godfather" package of picks courtesy of Don Ainge...sorry...Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics. And some were dumbfounded by what they saw as owner Michael Jordan ONCE AGAIN zoning in on a player and getting his way.

But few made strong basketball arguments against a player who got better every year he was in college and showed tremendous leadership getting Wisconsin to the national title game his senior year. When you study Kaminsky's game there is a lot to like. He's different than the previous two forwards drafted in that he's more experienced and has a proven track record shooting from deep. Can he be the stretch-four the Hornets have been coveting for years?

Watch below as Seth Partnow from Nylon Calculus and BBall Breakdown joins us once again to discuss Frank Kaminsky's shot form. Are there issues to worry about as he makes his transition from college to the pros?

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