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Charlotte Hornets all-time team: The point guards

The point guard position might have had the most consensus first pick, but there's one player that was left off that's sure to cause some debate.

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The Charlotte Hornets have had all kinds of different point guards throughout their history, and it's created a very deep position with a lot of different view points and opinions. This was a position that caused many of us to make our decision, then change our mind five seconds later after thinking it over again. However, one thing remains clear, the people love Baron Davis.

Who is your starting PG and why did you pick him?

Chris Barnewall - Baron Davis was my pick, because that guy was just insane to watch growing up. The things he could do with a basketball were just so unfair, and he was so incredibly athletic on top of that. Not only that, but he was really freakin good too. He'd be up there among the all time Hornets greats if the team hadn't moved.

Nick Denning - Baron Davis was originally a Charlotte Hornet, and would have been one of the greatest Charlotte players ever had George Shinn not sold the team. He was an All-Star his third and final season as a Charlotte Hornet, really coming into his own as a player.

Corey McPherron - I picked Raymond Felton because to me he describes a lot of Hornets players: Above average and not much more.

Tucker Warner - Muggsy was the best point guard in Charlotte history. He's probably a little underrated now because of history turning him into a tidbit (shortest player in history!) and memorability for off-court things (Space Jam!), but he was a terrific passer, and Charlotte has yet to see a point guard with his ball movement ability since he left town.

Austin Peters - I picked Baron Davis because Davis was one of the best point guards in the entire league when he played. His size at his position let him truck guys in the lane and while he wasn't the best shooter from deep, he had a nack for getting into the paint and doing damage. Despite being a journeyman for the majority of his career, he spent the bulk of his young career in Charlotte, making him one of the key faces of the franchise's history.

Davis Williams - Baron Davis is the Charlotte Hornets to me. I'm not old enough to really remember or appreciate the LJ/Zo/Muggsy Hornets so the Baron Davis era Hornets was the team I grew up with. An All-Star during the Hornets last season in Charlotte, Davis put up numbers during his entirety in Charlotte and led the team to the playoffs multiple times. He showed power and flash as he was one of the better NBA point guards during his QC days.

Russell - Baron Davis was a stud in his limited time in Charlotte. Young me remembers Davis being a good player. Older me looks back and realizes just how good BD really was. A solid finisher at the rim with a knack for the highlight reel play and the team leader on a Hornets squad that made multiple playoffs appearances back when below .500 teams in the East didn't make the postseason makes him my starter.

Joshua Priemski - I'm surprised there's even a debate about this, honestly. Baron Davis was not only a phenomenal player, but he was incredibly fun to watch, too. Gruesome crossovers, weaving flips at the rim over the extended arms of defenders, and emotionless 3-point daggers were the norm for Davis, and it's a shame many people associate his days in Los Angeles with his time in Charlotte. He was a great player.

Who is your backup PG and why did you pick him?

Chris - I picked Kemba Walker, and this one was more of a sentimental pick than anything else. Walker was the first guy I ever got to really "cover" from a blog perspective. I joined the blog when it was still called Rufus on Fire, and he was always the player I most enjoyed watching when I started covering the team. Also, the guy's got a killer crossover.

Nick - Walker comes with flaws, but I've loved the way he's played over the course of his career, particularly his killer crossover. Having watched a number of dreadful seasons, Walker has always entertained.

Corey - Kemba is my backup because I just always liked Raymond Felton. Definitely a sentimental pick. I've always liked Kemba's hustle and driving ability, and of course at this point he'll only get better.

Tucker - Kemba brings a dimension to the team that is necessary for playing in the modern game-- no, his assist rates aren't that good, but he's always had to deal with lackluster (to say the least) shooters next to him in the backcourt, and he's a much better scorer than some fans give him credit for.

Austin - I picked Muggsy Bogues because how can you not pick the smallest player to ever play in the league?

Davis - For most people, Muggsy Bogues is the Charlotte Hornets. Whether it's his size, his Space Jam appearance or a combination of the two, everyone seems to love Muggsy and his play wasn't bad either - most forget that.

Russell - I have always been a big fan of Kemba Walker and his game. He may not have ideal assist or efficiency numbers for a point guard, but for most of his career, he has been asked to do a lot without much around him. Plus, his knack for the clutch shot is worth bonus points in my book.

Josh - I went with Muggsy Bogues, who seemed like the only logical choice for me. Muggsy was not just a small a man playing in a big man's league, he was a very good player in his own right. Muggsy seldom turned the ball over — perhaps the lone benefit of being short — and made the smart play more often than not. He was also a fan favorite off the court. Who can forget his cameo in Space Jam?

Were there any tough decisions when making this pick?

Chris - As someone that got really into the 90's NBA after playing 2K12, it was reallyyyyy difficult to leave Muggsy off off of my team. The guy was so short, and yet he managed to be a starting caliber point guard in an era that allowed hand checking. That's insane, and should be mentioned as much as it possibly can be.

Nick - Not picking Muggsy might haunt me forever, but so will those Campbell & Associates commercials.

Tucker - Well, Baron Davis was a terrific player too, so he was tough to leave off (he's on my deep bench), but I decided that he didn't peak until he left Charlotte, and I'm not sure he would look any better than Kemba had he played for some of those Bobcats teams.

Russell - I feel awful leaving Muggsy out of these two. He is the arguably the face of the early Charlotte Hornets and I have gone as far as to ask the team to retire his #1 jersey. But here he is, left off. It was easily the toughest decision out of all of them for me.

Josh - I did consider Kemba Walker as my backup point guard, but felt that at this point in his career he hasn't shown more than Davis and Bogues. That could well change with time.

What is the most fun moment you've ever had watching a Charlotte Point Guard?

Chris - Kemba's game winner against the Raptors had me literally yell out KEMBAAAAAAA. Of course, Baron Davis dribbling through literally the entire Orlando Magic team in the playoffs is a close second.

Corey - Kemba Walker blocking Jose Calderon.

Tucker - Every time Kemba hits a game-winner off the stepback.

Austin - When Kemba put Nikola Mirotic on SKATES last season. That was just embarrassingly unfair.

Russell - Perhaps because it is the freshest in my mind, but Kemba Walker abusing Nikola Mirotic and Chris Paul last year. Everyone seems to forget that Kemba also juked Chris Paul, who I believe is one of the better defenders at his position (well...was until Kemba and Steph Curry played him).

Josh - Kemba? Kemba! Kemba.

You didn't have to pick a player based on skill. If you did, who is the best PG to ever play in Charlotte?

Chris - This one is tough between Muggsy and Davis. I think I'll give the edge to Davis, because he was good enough to be the second or third best player on a title contender during his prime. Not sure if Bogues was ever going to overcome his height to become that kind of player.

Nick - Baron Davis...BUT there's a strong case Walker could take this spot. If the Hornets can get their roster construction right, Walker could flourish.

Tucker - Well, I did anyway, so Muggsy.

Austin - I think Baron Davis was the best in Charlotte history. His per game numbers will probably tell you that as well, but to me he was so stinking fun to watch. He could get anywhere he wanted to on the floor and you couldn't stop him.

Russell - I picked my mostly based on skill, so I'm still saying Baron Davis.

Josh - Like Russell, I'd stick with Baron Davis. Not all that difficult.