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Charlotte Hornets all time team: The shooting guards

The Hornets all time team series continues as we take a look at arguably the weakest position the franchise has to offer.

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The Charlotte Hornets franchise doesn't have a particularly deep group of players at the shooting guard, historically. Sure they have a few bright spots here and there, but for the most part its a weak group of players to pick from. For some of us this made picking our players, that belonged in this spot, very difficult. For others it was a walk in the park, and they had their names after a few seconds of thought.

Who is your starting SG and why did you pick him?

Chris Barnewall - Dell Curry was my pick due to the fact that he's honestly the most recognizable face of the franchise right now. He does commentary at the games, has an ambassador like role with the team, and he played with the original team in the 90's. Hard to go against that.

Tucker Warner - Glen Rice is my starting SG, because I do think he was the best perimeter player ever to play in Charlotte, but also he was just a lot of fun to watch. Plus, there's that whole Sarah Palin rumor that I still haven't stopped laughing about.

Corey McPherron - Stephen Jackson was magical during the two years he played in Charlotte. He scored a lot for some two mediocre offensive teams in 2010 and 2011. Also the athleticism and attitude definitely help. He also admitted to checking out after the team traded Gerald Wallace which is the realest thing ever.

Nick Denning - Even though Dell spent more time off the bench than as a starter, he's played such a significant part of the franchise during his career and after it. When the Hornets made the name change official, Dell was the one on center court giving the announcement. His continued support of the franchise makes him an icon.

Austin Peters - Kendall Gill is my favorite NBA TV announcer during Summer League games, so when I saw his name, I didn't even hesitate.

Russell Varner - Glen Rice earned a starting role for me because I just remember him being unguardable at times during his heyday. Can you imagine what he would do on the team today? Can we clone him and insert him into the lineup now as our 3-point specialist? That's allowed, right?

Who is your backup SG and why did you pick him?

Chris Barnewall - I went with Jason Richardson as there are very few players that I've enjoyed watching as much as him, and getting to see him have a great season in Charlotte was really fun for me.

Tucker - Dell Curry. One of the best shooters ever to grace the NBA, he'd be a huge addition to any bench, if not a starting lineup.

Corey - Acquired for Brandan Wright, played his heart out every night for almost forty minutes a game, and took a ton of threes. Easy choice for me.

Nick - I'll be honest, this pick came more as nostalgia from playing old NBA Live and NBA Jame videogames. I've said it before, but I wasn't a North Carolina resident during the original Hornets years, but Wesley was a memorable player for me during my early days watching the NBA, and I loved playing as him in videogames.

Austin - Like Tucker said, Dell was one of the best shooters in the history of the league and the fact that both his sons now play in the NBA and have the reputations as lights out shooters makes it even more fun.

Russell - Dell Curry. As for why, copy and paste what Tucker and Austin said about him here.

Why was picking a SG so much harder than picking a PG?

Chris - For me it was just trying to decide who actually belonged on an all-time Hornets squad. Dell Curry felt obvious, but who else? I spent a lot of time thinking about this one.

Tucker - I don't know this was a pretty easy pick for me

Corey - Easy choices for me. I'd argue it's tougher picking PGs because none are that great.

Nick - Both Baron Davis and Kemba Walker were and are polarizing players so it was easy to choose the two of them. When picking SGs, I went with the two players I most memorably remember, either from actually watching them or as I already said, playing with them in videogames.

Austin - It is easier to recognize point guards because they have the ball the majority of the time. The league seems to have revolved around the position for a while, and wings can sometimes be forgotten about.

Russell - Was it? I thought it was easy. Rice and Curry are the two easy choices. It's just a matter of who starts and who comes off the bench.

Why is it that SG is such a weak position for Charlotte historically?

Chris - When shooting guard was at its deepest points, in NBA history, Charlotte either had better players at Center and Point Guard, or didn't even have a team, so they probably just ended up with some crummy luck at that spot.

Tucker - The shooting guard position hasn't been a deep position since 2004, when the Bobcats brought the NBA back to Charlotte. Before that, it was probably a strength. Also, the Bobcats only ever had a few good players.

Austin - It has just been a weak position in the league period. Other than Kobe, Dwyane Wade, James Harden, and few good T Mac years, the last decade or so has been pretty dry of elite shooting guards, whereas you could probably name 20 great point guards off the top of your head.

Nick - Because the Bobcats drafted Adam Morrison over Brandon Roy.

Russell - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Who is the strangest player you've seen in a Charlotte uniform play SG?

Chris - Ben Gordon would like all of us to humble ourselves *throws laptop at ball rack*

Tucker - Cory Higgins, because he was so bad it was as if the front office realized that the team was going nowhere, decided to just sign a guy who was obviously unfit for NBA basketball just because he was the son of a prominent team executive, and then proceeded to give him regular playing tim--oh wait that's exactly what happened.

Corey - After watching young Boris Diaw tear it up for the Seven Seconds or Less Suns and old Boris Diaw as an important cog for the crushing machine that is the Spurs; it still baffles me that he came to Charlotte and dropped off in his prime. The poor offensive structure of those teams probably has something to do with it, but still.

Nick - Byron Mullens played shooting guard, right?

Austin - Probably Lance Stephenson last year. He was hyped up to be so good and he had such an abrupt fall from his Indiana days that it was just mind boggling. Plus he is just a strange dude period.

Russell - Tucker stole my answer.