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Jeremy Lin is providing commentary during the DOTA 2 championships

Jeremy Lin's a well known video game fan, and today he got to show his knowledge during the DOTA 2 championships.

Jeremy Lin is a huge fan of video games, and it's no secret that he's confident about his gaming skills. Right now however, Lin's go to game is the increasingly popular DOTA 2. Don't know what DOTA 2 is? James Dator of SB Nation has a great explanation for anybody that's never played it.

Lin is such a big and well known fan that "The International", DOTA 2's championship tournament, invited Lin to provide commentary during the live stream taking place on Twitch.

Now there's an obvious worry when an NBA player like Lin goes into a setting as big as this. He's an NBA player first, and DOTA 2 is just a hobby for him. Many times, when a celebrity joins a panel of experts, the celebrity finds themselves being carried by everybody else and not providing much in terms of commentary. It's even worse when that person clearly doesn't know what they're talking about, or it's at an amateur level. It becomes awkward for the crew of commentators, and frustrating for viewers.

Lin however is not having that problem at all. One of the first questions he was asked was how much DOTA 2 he gets to play during the season. "About three times a week usually." was his response, and apparently that's when he's busy. During the offseason however, Lin is putting in the work that any hardcore DOTA fan is well aware of. Hours get lost looking at a computer screen, and emotions run high as victory slips away during crucial moments.

As of this writing, Lin is still on commentary, and he's doing a pretty decent job of providing his insight here and there. Not bad for an NBA player. After this, the Hornets should consider letting Lin host a tournament against Hornets fans. Then he can show just how good he really is.

The International DOTA 2 Championships can be watched here.

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