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Charlotte Hornets all-time team: The small forwards

The Small Forward position is arguably the deepest spot in Charlotte history. There's sure to be some fun answers and debate for this one.

Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

It's hard to find a deep position for a franchise like the Charlotte Hornets, but they do have at least one. Throughout their history, Charlotte has had a flurry of capable small forwards that could get the job done no matter the mascot. It's one of the few consistencies they have, and that means there's plenty of players to choose from.

Who is your starting SF and why did you pick him?

Chris Barnewall - Jamal Mashburn for the sole fact that he was one of the five most broken players in NBA Live 2003 and 2005. He was so easy to drop 50 points with that I would frequently play as the Hornets and solely score with Baron Davis and Mashburn for entire games. It was a blast.

Tucker Warner - Larry Johnson, who was one of the centerpieces of the most successful run in the history of professional basketball in Charlotte. A lot of people will call him the best player in Charlotte history, and I'm not sure they're wrong. (And I know he was mostly a power forward, but I wanted to get all my favorites on this team, and this is how it's done. Plus, big lineups are fun.)

Corey McPherron- Gerald Wallace is arguably my favorite player in franchise history. He scored, pounded the boards, blocked and did everything you could really ask for. He put the team on his back and I'll never forget that.

Russell Varner - Jamal Mashburn, aka "Monster Mash." Another key cog in for multiple playoff teams with the Hornets, Mash was the reliable scorer you could always count on for points when you needed them most. It's a shame he always seems to be forgotten when talking about the early Hornet greats.

Nick Denning - I'll be honest, folks. I forgot about Glen Rice. I've said already, but I wasn't around during the original Hornets era, and for whatever reason Mashburn stuck out over Rice. With that said, Mashburn had two really strong years for the Hornets, averaging 20+ points a game in seasons that Charlotte reached the Eastern Conference semi-finals.

Austin Peters - Gerald Wallace is my starting small forward, mainly because his nickname is "crash."

Who is your backup SF and why did you pick him?

Chris - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was my pick for backup small forward, because right now he's one of my ten favorite players to watch in the NBA. I don't care about the faults he has, and there are many. The guy is just so fun, and he's been the small forward for the team when I've paid the most attention to them. Will always think of MKG when I think of Charlotte small forwards.

Tucker - Gerald Wallace was almost certainly the best player in Bobcats history, probably just because of longevity if nothing else, but he did make a huge impact while in Charlotte, earning the franchise's only All-Star berth after their return to the league, and leading the 2009-10 team that somehow made the playoffs.

Corey - Corey Maggette, somebody had to score for that 2011-2012 team and Corey Maggette stepped up and did it. Also Coreys respect other Coreys.

Nick - I don't think there is a player that I enjoyed watching play more than Gerald Wallace.
He stuck it out a long time in Charlotte, and by all accounts wanted to stick around even during the rebuild (at least based on how he felt after he was traded). I loved the way he chewed on his mouthpiece (Steph Curry has nothing on Wallace), how hard he played on both ends, and how excited I'd feel every time the PA announcer yelled, "Geraldddd WAAALLLACCCEEE." This one was a no-brainer for me.

Russell - Gerald Wallace. Need I say more?

Austin - I remembered playing NBA Live as a kid growing up and Matt Carroll was always on Charlotte. He is my backup for sentimental reasons.

Is SF the deepest position in Charlotte history?

Chris - I'd say yes. There are so many deserving players that could be put on this part of the list, and that makes it so difficult to make the pick for this spot. Someone that was, or is, very good for the franchise is going to be left out by some of us, and that just speaks to how deep this position has been.

Tucker - I think the group of centers has been deeper (although I take some liberties with their positions on my picks). They've had a Hall of Famer or two during their peaks.

Russell - Well, considering I had to leave the likes of Jason Richardson, Anthony Mason, Stephen Jackson, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and the legendary Jason Kapono off, I'll vote yes. Though center is a very close second.

Austin - Charlotte has had more star studded centers, but the small forward position has probably been the deepest. That position has always seemed to be the one constant production for whatever Charlotte team takes the floor.

Nick - For sure. Jamal Mashburn. Gerald Wallace. Glen Rice. Stephen Jackson. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Dominic McGuire. The list goes on.

If you could take any Charlote SF from any era of basketball, and bring them to today, who would it be and why?

Chris - Lets give Glen Rice a shot in today's NBA. Always wanted to see if he was one of those players that was good for his generation, or if he was better than that.

Tucker - Probably Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, actually. He seems perfectly suited for the modern game (yeah, yeah, insert your jokes about shooting here), it's just a matter of whether he reaches his potential.

Russell - Jamal Mashburn, because you can never have enough shooters today.

Austin - Jamal Mashburn put up some pretty nice numbers. It would be cool to see him compete with the game's best today.

Nick - I'd bring Gerald Wallace, because I think he could actually play the power forward position in today's NBA with less risk of getting injured.

Chris Douglas-Roberts had the best hair of any Charlotte SF right?

Chris - It's not even a contest.

Tucker - Yes, but we're not giving enough credit to Adam Morrison, whose hair screamed "I am in a rock band in the early 1970s," and he just went with it.

Corey - Yes.

Russell - Are we including facial hair? If so, Adam Morrison and his moostache (just for you Chris) give CDR a run for his money.

Austin - Yes. Also: go look back to him having like no hair when he played for Memphis university and it will look weird.

Nick - Yes. There's no debate here.