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Jeremy Lin is the superstar of the NBA's all video game team

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Jeremy Lin leads the NBA in their newest goal. To form the ultimate All-NBA video game team.

Video Games are awesome, fun, and something that just about everybody loves. Nobody agrees with this more than Charlotte Hornets point guard, Jeremy Lin, who actually got to commentate the DOTA 2 Championships. That said, Lin is just one of many NBA players that have a well known love for video games, and this raises the question. Who is a member of the NBA's all video game team?

Point Guard

Jeremy Lin

This one was obvious from the start. Lin is the superstar that holds the whole team together, because nobody has gone as far as he has in the video game realm. Sure, many players have talked about their love of games, but have any of them gone on the platform's biggest stage, with millions of people watching, and talked about their love of those games? These guys may be experts in their craft of basketball, but it's rare to find players with the knowledge to be a commentator during an event as huge as The International. It would be like putting LeBron James on as a color commentator during the Super Bowl. Sure, he'd have an idea of what he's talking about, but can he break down plays and say what worked or not? That's doubtful.

Shooting Guard

Bogdan Bogdanovic

Haven't heard of Bogdan Bogdanovic before? A quick crash course on the European drafted in the 2014 NBA draft by the Phoenix Suns. He's from Serbia, but he plays in the Turkish pro league. At the moment the Suns are letting Bogdanovic develop more in Europe before he comes over to the NBA. Considered a shooting guard, he's a true testament to the end of positions in the NBA with his versatile skill set from shooting the ball, and handling the ball. He can play with the ball in his hands, or he can play off ball is necessary, oh and his Twitter account is a World of Warcraft reference. We may not know much more than Bodanovic outside of him being a leader of the Horde, but any WoW gamer belongs with this class of players.

Small Forward

Gordon Hayward

While Lin is the face of the franchise, Hayward will be his fellow superstar that never gets enough credit. Not only did Hayward notoriously tweet out that he was better at LeBron League of Legends, but he actually was good enough to be a pro gamer in IGN's pro league for a little while.

Hayward is a true gamer, growing up with the original Nintendo Entertainment System, putting in some quality hours of Halo (oh man....getting some major high school flashbacks with that one), and now entering the modern age with the most popular MOBA in the world. Perhaps Hayward should be the true face of this team?

Power Forward

Joe Johnson

Seven time All-Star Joe Johnson is more well known for his NBA daggers, but that doesn't mean he hasn't thrown a virtual one in his time. If there's anything that a player like him would struggle with it should be finding time to game on the road right?

"I actually travel with a portable TV for the HD purposes and I bring all my games with me," said Atlanta Hawks All-Star Joe Johnson, who plays stereoscopic 3D games back home on his PS3. "It's just something to keep me busy while we're on the road."

The article this quote is from may be from 2011, when Johnson was on the Atlanta Hawks, but there's no reason to believe that  he isn't keeping up his road game tradition. The days get long during the tough parts of a schedule, and sometimes a nice game of Uncharted or Call of Duty is just what the mind needs to unwind.


Tim Duncan

If Hayward and Lin are the superstars then Tim Duncan is the veteran star that holds it all together. Duncan might not be as famous for gaming as he is for Dungeons and Dragons, but don't let that fool you. This man can probably school anybody in some of those classic games that are often overlooked by us modern gamers. Damn kids with their MOBA's, and RPG's. No appreciation for the platformers of old with 8-bit graphics. Back in Duncan's day they didn't have save points and they LIKED IT THAT WAY.

After Tim Duncan is finished shouting at everybody about how much greater those old school games are, and they were pretty fun, the debates can begin. Should Jeremy Lin captain this group of video game All-Stars, or maybe Gordon Hayward deserves some shine in the spotlight. Perhaps a player that wasn't on the list should replace someone else. Either way, gaming is alive and well in the NBA no matter the genre, or platform.