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Frank Kaminksy's roster photo is hilarious

Frank Kaminksy's roster picture on is unintentionally hilarious. It also brings up memories of school picture day.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Some people just look naturally goofy no matter what they do. Frank Kaminksy is one of those people, and while in many ways he's embraced it, sometimes the goofiness just sneaks out without him even trying.

Kaminsky stands out for a multitude of reasons. One of those being is that, unlike his Charlotte Hornets teammates, he's the only one not wearing a jersey for his picture. Maybe the Hornets didn't have a jersey ready for him yet, or perhaps it's still in the washer. A better answer might be that he's still promoting JC Penney. Is that really the same Frank Kaminsky the Hornets drafted? There's something different about him.

Then, there's the face that he's making in the picture. Players not smiling for these isn't exactly an unusual thing, but Kaminsky just looks so weird doing that. Like, the very last place he wants to be right now is wearing this button up shirt, taking a stupid picture for the roster, and not out there experiencing what true North Carolina BBQ is. If that's why he looks so....whatever that face is, then maybe the Hornets are actually being quite mean to him.

Of course, Kaminsky isn't the only goofy Hornets picture that can be found on For example, Aaron Harrison has no picture at all. He's invisible! It's hard to confirm, but Harrison may in fact be a vampire, and the Hornets are currently too terrified of this fact to release him from the roster. Then there's P.J. Hairston with a half smile kind of thing like the camera caught him in the middle of smiling, but he wasn't quite ready yet.

Was looking at these pictures mean? Oh god yes, but it does bring back memories of school picture day. Some people, like Al Jefferson, just have a perfect smile that's almost infectious. Those kids were made for school picture day. Then there's poor Kaminsky, who was forced by his mom to wear some clothes he doesn't want to wear, got picked on at school, and now he has to take this stupid photo. Thanks a lot Mom. Third grade is gonna be really hard for the next two days because of that.