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Charlotte Hornets all-time team: The power fowards

Arguably the most versatile position, Power Forward has a variety of worthy picks for the all time power forward.

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The Charlotte Hornets history at Power Forward is an interesting one to say the least. It's been far from their best position, but also far from their worst. It's probably their most unique position filled with all kinds of skill sets ranging from creators to dominant bigs. This will surely lead to many different choices for the All-Time Charlotte team.

Who is your starting PF and why did you pick him?

Chris Barnewall - Josh McRoberts was my pick which seems kinda silly considering he only played one and a half games, but what he did was truly incredible. He managed to change the franchise from unwatchable mess to a team that actually had some ball movement, and made games entertaining to watch. Now that he's gone, we've all realized that we didn't know what we had.

Nick Denning - Larry Johnson is one of the top three Charlotte players off all time. His numbers from his rookie season moving forward were upsurd, as was the 12 year, $84 million contract he signed with the Hornets in 1993, which, had he played out all 12 years of that contract, would have ended in 2005, just as the first season of the Charlotte Bobcats would have come to an end.

Corey McPherron- Tyrus Thomas was an easy choice. His hustle and absurd athleticism was a ray of sunshine in the bleak, dark abyss of early 2010's Charlotte basketball. Also he tried to fight Paul Silas and I really thought that was going to turn the team around. I hope everyday he can successfully come back.

Tucker Warner - Alonzo Mourning, the Hall of Famer who had some (well, three) great years in Charlotte, and was very enjoyable to watch. Again, I'm taking some liberties with positions, but the positional revolution has been happening for some time now, and also it's my team so shut up.

Russell Varner - Larry Johnson, because of his talent on and off the court (see: Grandmama and Space Jam). I rest my case.

Austin Peters - Larry Johnson. The dude worked his tail off despite being undersized and having the reputation of being too heavy for his size.

Who is your backup PF and why did you pick him?

Chris - Anthony mason spent three seasons in Charlotte, and in that time he played a huge role for the mid 90's Hornets teams that get a little over looked after Alonzo Mourning left. His ability as a point forward would have been great in today's NBA, and his toughness on defense was a calling card that could spread through any team.

Nick - Okafor played a lot of power forward for Charlotte, which probably wasn't his best position, but given he played alongside the likes of Primoz Brezec and Nazr Mohammed, he didn't really have a choice. Okafor was great his rookie year, but never improved off that season. Still, he was solid his entire time in Charlotte, and frankly, I wouldn't be opposed to his return in a veteran role, as long as he's healthy.

Corey - Vladimir Radmanovic was not a great player. But he was a stretch four before it was cool, and for Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown he was a return. He's not a sexy pick, but he was a solid role player and frankly I liked watching him. You probably forgot he played for Charlotte; well I didn't. *Nick's note: I will never be able to erase Vlad's years in Charlotte from my mind, ever.

Tucker - Emeka Okafor, who was a very steady contributor every time he was healthy. Kind of like a poor man's Elton Brand, in a good way.

Russell - Emeka Okafor. A great 10-10 or 15-10 guy who was often asked to be a 20-10 guy, which was unfair to him. He was great on the defensive side of the court, though his offensive game left much to be desired (wait, am I talking about Okafor or Bismack Biyombo here?). Also, long live the "Okafor in ‘04" Rookie of the Year campaign!

Austin - Anthony Mason due to his solid statistical seasons when he was with the Hornets. He averaged around 15 points and 10 rebounds per game along with 50% shooting during his tenure in Charlotte.

Why is this franchise obsessed with drafting PF's?

Chris - It's kind of amazing at this point. Maybe Michael Jordan wants to bring Charles Oakley back to the NBA?

Nick - They're hoping one of them turns out to be Anthony Davis.

Corey - I think about this question once a week and then I remember the team passed over Justise Winslow and I have nightmares.

Tucker - cause it's not like any of their guards can shoot

Russell - Because America?

Austin - They've obviously been looking for a four that can stretch the floor and shoot while playing next to Al Jefferson, who only plays on the block. They've given up on the guys they've drafted recently probably because they don't think they can turn into the player they think they need at that position.

Say the first word that comes to mind when you read each of these names, P.J. Brown, Sean May, Boris Diaw

Chris - MVP. tears. cappucino.

Nick - Yes, fries, Segway

Corey - Rebounding, Europe, Lazy.

Tucker - Brown- offensively-challenged, May- basketbally-challenged, Diaw- LÉGENDE

Russell -  Hey, he was good, right? Hey, he was great in college. Hey, he was great for the first few months here. (Ed note: THOSE AREN'T SINGULAR WORDS RUSSELL-Chris)

Austin - Legend. Bust. Spurs.

Worst PF to ever play for the franchise? Best?

Chris - Byron Mullens. Larry Johnson.

Nick - Vladimir Radmanovic was pretty dreadful. He was the opposite of Larry Johnson, who was really good.

Tucker - Boris Diaw. And Boris Diaw.

Corey - Tyrus Thomas for fighting Paul Silas and for fighting Paul Silas.

Russell - Lazy Boris Diaw (which was awful because I loved I Actually Care Boris Diaw) and Larry Johnson.

Austin - I'm gonna go with worst PF being Byron Mullens and best PF being Larry Johnson.